December 20, 2018 The “Market Series” - How Do We Feel About the Economy?

For the first episode of the "Market Series",  Jordi Mullor is joined by Lexington Wealth Management's CEO & Co-Founder Michael Tucci & by Rocaton Investment Advisors' Chief Market Strategist David Morton. During the conversation, we focused on a very simple question: "How do we feel about the economy today?".

Mike and David covered not just the U.S. economy but also into how they feel about international markets currently, just as we started to experience a few days of volatility in the world economy. 

Please know that even though the majority of the information discussed on this podcast can be considered timeless or apply to any point in time, the recording was done during the first two weeks of December 2018. We hope you find their input insightful and relevant. 

Let us know if you have any questions comments! We would love to hear your opinion. 

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